A Win-Win-Win Proposition

About Us

PromotingPays.com is owned and operated by Alternate Channels, LLC, a New Jersey-based marketing and sales management firm. Our principals have years of marketing, promotion and sales management experience, and wide-reaching networks of businesses and business executives. We leverage these assets to identify opportunities for synergy between companies and brands with similar attributes and quality.

Promoting Pays is a new KIND of affiliate marketing!

What makes PromotingPays.com different is; the promotion of products that our affiliates, or promoters, are referring to their clients, prospects, friends, and family is done face-to-face. Our promoters get access to free collateral with a unique Toll Free Number and personal Promo Code. When their referrals call in, that Promo Code tracks the sale back to the promoter. When the sale is closed, the promoter gets paid.

Best of all, anyone can be a promoter, and there is literally no cost, and no risk. We never ask our network of promoters for a single penny. Just sign up, get your promotional collateral, hand it out - get paid when there's a sale.

No catch. No obligation. No cost.