Q. What or who is an advertiser?

  • If you have a way to capture a 6 digit promotional code through your call center or web site, then you are! will give your product or service a new sales channel that increases sales - and best of all, you only pay when a sale is complete!

Q. Isn't this just affiliate marketing? What makes different?

  • is a new type of affiliate marketing. Our network of tens of thousands of promoters has personal, usually face-to-face, relationships with your prospective customers. Unlike other affiliate marketing which is usually done online, the majority of referrals through are in person. As a result, the referrals delivered to you are of higher quality than those delivered by their other sales channels.

Q. Who will be promoting my product or service?

  • Our network of businesses and professionals are individually approved and verified.

Q. Sounds great, how do I get started?