Unleash the power of personal referrals to grow your business.

PromotingPays.com enables merchants to share their unique offers, and unleash a powerful army of promoters who will share these deals with their personal networks.

For Promoters it couldn’t be simpler to find offers and utilize social media, text, print, or email to spread the word, getting paid for sales that result!

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How It Works

Merchant lists consumer offer and how much they will pay promoter for a sale
  • Access to tens of thousands of promoters in your area

  • Powerful, easy to use tools to create custom marketing material

  • You choose how much you’ll pay for a sale

  • No risk. No cost to participate. You only pay after the sale is made
Promoters select offers from PromotingPays.com Marketplace
  • Exclusive offers for your customers from Nationally known brands and local businesses

  • Easily see how much you’ll be paid for each sale you refer

  • Select how you prefer to promote – via email, social media, or printed flyer

  • Free program. No cost to promoters. Ever..
Promoter shares offer with colleagues, friends, family, and customers
  • Instantly share offers via email, social media or printed flyer

  • Unique promo code and bar code to track referral back to you

  • Great deals for your contacts

  • Get paid on every sale
Customer redeems offer online or in person
  • All marketing materials have unique promo and bar code for easy tracking

  • Sales can occur offline at your location, in the customers home or online at your website

  • However the sale is made, we provide all the tools you need to track

  • Customers enjoy great deals while Promoters earn and Merchants increase sales
Promoter gets paid when sales occurs
  • Quick payments via PayPal

  • Real-time reporting and notifications

  • Earn money while helping your contacts save money

  • Superior customer service – quick responses and live chat
Merchant Increases Sales
  • Only pay when a sale occurs

  • Customers are 7x more likely to trust a personal recommendation than traditional advertising

  • Best in class customer service guides you to referral success

  • Powerful tracking tools and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Promoters are individuals or businesses that want to share great deals from great brands with their colleagues, friends, family, and clients or just about anyone - and earn money when their referral makes a purchase

Merchants are businesses of any size, from nationally known brands to the local one man shops that want their product or service referred by hundreds of thousands of promoters, risk free. Pay only when a sale occurs

Absolutely! Many of our Promoters are Merchants that also want more referrals for their business.

Promoter FAQ

Anyone can be a Promoter. As long as you know someone who wants a great deal on products and services, and you would like to earn money when you refer a sale – you should be a Promoter!

No, you do not. You can sign up as a business or an individual.

Just click Sign Up on the top of the page. Give us some information, review and agree to the terms and conditions, and you’re on your way. You can start promoting and earning today!

Once your account is active, you will login to access all of the great promoting tools that have been created to help you become a successful Promoter! You will have access to flyers, emails, social media templates and contact imports to use when notifying your contacts of all the great offers/brands we have available.

No. Cost. Ever. Promoters never pay, they only earn! It is free to sign up and to participate in the program.

Each time you share an offer via PromotingPays.com, it will contain a unique Promo Code and in most cases, a bar code. Whenever one of your contacts makes a purchase from a Merchant, they will record that Promo Code and the sale will be linked to you.

Yes, you will be notified by email on a weekly basis of new offers that are available. Also, each time you log into your account, you can click on “Find New Offers” and view additional offers you would like to join.

Payments are made via PayPal. You will receive an email letting you know that your payment has been sent.

No. Not to get started. Once you have earned commissions, you will be notified and can set up the account at that time.

Once you have earned commissions, you will get an email letting you know that you have a payment waiting. If you don’t already have a PayPal account associated with your email address used for your PromotingPays.com account, the email message will contain a link that directs you to a PayPal signup page. The signup process automatically confirms your email address. When you complete the signup process, the money will be available in your new PayPal account.

As long as your PayPal account is associated with the email address you registered on PromotingPays.com with– payments will automatically go to your PayPal account. The notification will include a link to your PayPal account to access the funds.

If you have a PayPal account, but the email address you registered on PromotingPays.com is different – you will be offered an opportunity to log in to your account. Then, when you log in, the money is deposited to your account and the new email address is added to your account automatically.

Merchant FAQ

PromotingPays is an online platform, which enables Merchants to share unique offers with tens of thousands of Promoters in our network who will promote these deals to their personal contacts. You can track all the referral activity via our easy to use reporting tools.

PromotingPays.com is free to participate. There is no risk and no obligation- you only pay when you get a sale referred by a Promoter. You decide how much you would like to pay the Promoters for each sale. We take care of all the rest.

When you let us know that the sale is complete, you will submit payment through PayPal for the amount you offered to pay per sale, and then we send payments to the Promoter that referred the sale.

We handle all of the customer service for the Promoter – so that you can just focus on what you do best, running your business.

PromotingPays.com has all the tools to let you create materials that the Promoter will need to share your offer. Just upload your company logo, tell us about your business, describe the customer offer, and enter how much you will pay for a sale.

Our powerful yet easy to use tools will help you create Flyers, Landing Pages, Social Links and even Email templates for your Promoters to use.

It’s easy – all you need to do is record the unique promo code that the customer will have on their offer they got from the Promoter. Just log into your Merchant account and click on Register a Lead/Sale. Enter the customer name, choose which offer they are redeeming (you can have multiple), and enter the referral code.

We also have a Merchant app for both iPhone and Android that will let you use your camera as a bar code scanner to log the lead.

When you are ready to create a new offer, log into your account and click on the blue box “Add Offer” under the Offers section. You will enter basic information regarding the offer, including the commission amount. The next step will be to use the tools we provide to create a marketing flyer and email that Promoters can use to share this offer.

Yes, you are able to send an email through our system to all of your active Promoters with any new information you would like to share, such as a new offer or information regarding your company that will assist them in promoting your business.

Easy to read reports will be available at your fingertips to view the success of your referral program. These reports will show how many sales your Promoters are bringing in and allow you to view the payments that are being sent to Promoters

“Register a Lead/Sale” is where you will enter a new lead, appointment or sale. The information collected (customer name, offer name, referral code and sale amount) is used to track the lead and sales data for each Merchant.

Promoters never pay a thing to participate. It is completely free to them. They get paid when a sale they referred is completed.

PromotingPays.com keeps 20% of the amount you pay per sale. So, if you are paying $50 per sale, the Promoter gets 80% or $40, PromotingPays.com gets 20% or $10. When you add an offer, we do this calculation for you, so you’ll see exactly how much the Promoter gets.

Nope. You decide. You can pay as little or as much as you want. However, we have found that Promoters will work hardest to promote the offers that pay at least $25 per sale.

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